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Do you want to buy one? Sell one? Move one?

We love them, we polish them, restore them, collect them, drive them, buy and sell them!

Indeed there has been much buzz around collecting vintage cars and other associated items, from televised auctions shows like Barrett Jackson to restoration shows like Wheeler Dealers. It’s true, participating in the collector car hobby is unique and exciting and, the collector car scene has enjoyed significant growth in the past decade.

In the years between 2004 and 2015, the collector car market grew from about $260 million dollars to over $1.3 billion, and while the market softened a little through 2016 -17 the hobby remained strong!

Collector car enthusiasts enjoy the hobby for a variety of reasons, some enjoy the restoration process, recreating a work of art. Others like the treasure hunt, trying to find a true survivor that will give insight into time past and maybe recreate a moment to remember. Regardless of why people are involved in the Collector hobby, there will always be occasions for buying and selling, and the best deals are often made across international borders!

Canadians know that getting the best price for a collector car usually means looking to the USA!

With the current strength of the U.S. dollar in comparison to the Canadian dollar, selling to the US market is a real positive. While sales still happen through club connections and live auctions, it’s vital to not confine the listing to car clubs and local Craigslist or Kijiji sites. Instead, consider widening your reach. More and more frequently sellers are opting to place their collectible cars on sites like eBay and Bring a Trailer. These sites cater primarily to U.S. buyers, and a smart seller will be looking for ways to reach them by thinking strategically about what US buyers need. It also makes sense to have your item priced in US dollars.

Canada and the USA enjoy close economic and cultural relations. However, the 6,400-kilometer border can still pose a formidable barrier, both real and psychological, for those buying and selling collector cars. American buyers can be shy about purchasing across the border because of unknowns about importing vintage vehicles. Anything you can do to increase buyer confidence will help. While it is the responsibility of the buyer to import the car, the seller can be helpful by knowing beforehand what challenges buyers might face. For instance, when do the documents need to be at the border? For that matter, exactly which documents need to be at the border? How will the car be transported? Will the new owner be traveling with the car or will it be shipped by transport? Being prepared to help US buyers overcome any uneasiness about cross-border shipping can go a long way completing the sale!

One of the best things to help with this is to connect buyers with a Customs Broker that has experience with cross-border automobile clearances. Border Brokers have cleared thousands of cars across the Canada – US border. Border Brokers know what it takes to help importers and exporters ship and clear classic vehicles as seamlessly as possible. By using a Customs broker, your buyer can focus on the things that really make the hobby so enticing! More importantly, they can get their new treasure polished up and ready to show, or they can fire the motor and head out in search of the last open road!