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CARM: Important Client Notice

CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM)
The CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management project, better known as CARM is a multi-year initiative that will transform the importation process. Through CARM, clients will have access to the Client Portal—an innovative self-service tool that will modernize how the trade community interacts with the CBSA.

May 25th, 2021
Release 1
CARM Client Portal Goes Live with Basic Functionality

  • Importers will need to register and obtain a business number if they do not already have one
  • The portal will allow importers to delegate authority to their customs broker
  • Users can also manage account data, view statements of accounts and make payments

Expected June 2022
Release 2
Full CARM Client Portal Functionality Is Available

  • Importers will need to secure a bond
  • New commercial accounting declarations (CAD) process introduced
  • Corrections and adjustments will be allowed
  • A harmonized billing cycle will be set up

CARM Release 1
When the CARM Client Portal goes live, importers, customs brokers, and trade consultants will be able to have access.

The CARM Client Portal will feature:

  • The ability to set up a Pre-authorized Debit (PAD) to remit payment in addition to credit card or Automated Clearing House (ACH) withdrawal from financial institutions as well as most current payment methods
  • Statements of Account (SOAs) and basic client transaction information available online
  • The ability to delegate access to business accounts
  • Rulings requests
  • Classification tools

Actions Required by our Clients:

Set up with the government personally
Each employee requiring access must set up personally with a GC Key on the CARM Portal.

Set up your business on the CARM Portal

  • This person is normally someone in authority in the company – usually in the accounting department dealing with payments to the government but can be anyone with authority to act on behalf of the company.
  • This first person will become the Business Account Manager (BAM) and it is recommended by CBSA that one or more other employees also be assigned a BAM authorization.
  • You can designate any employees to have access with edit or read-only access.

Grant Access
You must grant access to your Customs Broker as a BAM in order that we may do business with you.

Further information on how these steps are done will be sent in May.