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ATA CARNET: A Passport for Goods

ATA Carnet: A Passport for Goods

Do you have goods that require temporary entry into various countries? Tired of paying taxes at each destination and then applying for a refund with government officials?  The ATA Carnet was meant for you!

An ATA Carnet can simply be explained as a “passport for goods.”  This is an international customs document that allows the goods into approximately 78 countries tax-free for up to one year.

A carnet is useful if the goods are travelling from country to country.  It eliminates the need to purchase temporary import bonds.  It is imperative that the goods are re-exported within the one-year time limit, for duties and taxes to not be collected.

The carnet package consists of “counterfoils”.  Each counterfoil would act as a voucher for each country.  They act as receipts for entry into the country as well as account for re-export.  These so-called counterfoils are stamped off by customs officials at time of entry.

Important to remember, always maintain control of the ATA Carnet.  It is recommended that the carnet travel with the goods.  Ensure you have a responsible person at each port that will present the entry package to the local customs office.

To obtain an ATA Carnet, an online application can be made with your local Chamber of Commerce.  For more information please visit

Need assistance with your ATA Carnet?  Are you unsure if you need one?  Please call Border Brokers at  204-633-7207 and ask to speak with Kim Ross or Alfred Chase.