Border Brokers

services include

  • Customs Clearance / Customs Brokerage
  • Preparation of Customs Documentation
  • Tariff Classification
  • Valuation
  • Duty Drawbacks
  • Customs Consulting

Benefits of Choosing Border Brokers

Full Range Services

Access to our in-house experts in both Canada and the U.S. ensure you remain compliant with your goods on either side of the border.

Coast-to-Coast Coverage

With offices across Canada, we can offer in-person assistance to Ports of Entry near Emerson MB, Boissevain MB, Surrey BC, and Toronto ON.

Experience across Industries

The wide range of industries we work with means we can advise on compliance for most goods.

FAQs About Canadian Customs Clearance

  • What documents do I need to import into Canada?

    While this can vary between goods, typically you will need a Commercial Invoice, Bill of Lading, and a Packing List (not required, but helpful.) Other documents such as Certificates of Origin, import permits, or special certificates for certain goods like food, wooden products, live animals, etc. may be required as well.

  • Can a U.S. company import into Canada?

    Yes. This process becomes much easier and provides additional benefits if you import through the Non-Resident Importer program.

  • Are there certain products that are restricted/prohibited into Canada?

    Goods like currency, animals, drugs, food, alcohol, and plants are usually restricted and require additional documentation. Goods like contraceptives, hazardous materials, firearms, live animals, and fraudulent materials are usually subject to prohibition.

  • How does CUSMA/USMCA affect me?

    CUSMA/USMCA may allow you to import goods into Canada without having to pay additional duties. This has huge effects on automobiles, dairy/poultry/egg goods, plastics, and intellectual property, but covers a wide range of classifications. Certification is required for these goods, but not if the value for the duty of goods is less than $3300 CAD.

  • How do I classify my goods?

    The most straightforward way to classify your goods is to search them up in CBSA’s Customs Tariffs list here. While there are many classification services, we recommend using a trusted broker like Border Brokers to assist in classification if you are uncertain.

  • What is CARM and will it affect me?

    CARM is the CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management program. This online portal completely reworks the importation process, and while not necessary for first-time or new importers, is highly recommended for commercial importers when it goes live.


We help businesses and individuals get cross border shipments cleared. Ready to experience the Border Brokers difference? Our team is standing by, ready to help.