Border Brokers


  • Apply for Canadian Business Number (BN)
  • GST/HST Consultation
  • Valuation
  • Maintenance of Records
  • Trade Compliance

Benefits of Choosing Border Brokers

Don’t Tackle the Process Alone

Our extensive knowledge of the Canadian customs brokerage industry means we can assist in joining the NRI program every step of the way.

Take Control of the Importing Process

Don’t rely on other importers to get your goods into Canada—as an NRI, you have full control of the process.

Simplify the Customer Experiences

As both vendor and importer, you gain the competitive advantage of convenience for your customers, providing support for both merchandise and shipping.

FAQs About Non-Resident Importers

  • What is a Non-Resident Importer?

    A Non-Resident Importer (NRI) handles the entire process of getting goods across the border and into the hands of their customers. They act as the Importer of Record and assume full responsibility for the importing process outside of customs clearance. For more details, see here.

  • How do I become a Non-Resident Importer?

    Your business must not have a physical presence in Canada, then register with Canada’s NRI program. You are also required to obtain a Canadian Business Number, an Importer Number, and if necessary, a GST/HST number.

  • What are the benefits to being an NRI?

    Acting as both importer and vendor, you keep the transaction process simple for both you and your customers. Your business gains the advantage of convenience for your customer, in that they only need to contact you regarding costs, shipping, and returns.

  • Do I need a Canadian Business Number?

    Yes. This is required to join the NRI program and is critical to integrating your business into Canadian database systems.

  • Do I need a GST/HST number?

    This is optional, however if your annual sales exceed $30,000 CAD, it is required.

  • What are the responsibilities of being an NRI?

    As an NRI, you’re responsible for collecting and remitting taxes to the CRA. You must also be fairly educated on how to classify your goods and prepare customs clearance documentation.


We help businesses and individuals get cross border shipments cleared. Ready to experience the Border Brokers difference? Our team is standing by, ready to help.